Community Spotlight: Highlighting Inspirational CBD Advocates


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The cannabinoid industry is ever-growing and evolving, with new innovations, products, and research being developed every day. All the while, bright minds and informed advocates are in the forefront making waves and creating positive change. We’re here to celebrate those individuals and to cast the spotlight on their stories, passions, and the impact that their advocacy is having on the CBD industry. Join us as we learn from and inspire one another with the stories of these courageous figures who are defending the rights of everyone to access CBD products!

1. Meet the Change-Makers: Highlighting Inspirational CBD Advocates

Hemp is an incredible source of healing and wellness that has been taking the world by storm. Even more popping (and promising) than the hemp plant itself is the compound of the cannabinoid called cannabidiol, known better as CBD. Recently, various brave and passionate individuals have been vocalizing their stories and advocating for CBD in various ways. Today, we’d like to introduce you to some of these pioneers and face of the CBD industry.

  • Nabeela Karim, the founder of CBD startup Prima.
  • Christopher Shade, Ph.D., a nutraceutical expert and founder of Quicksilver Scientific.
  • Ricky Williams, former NFL running back and celebrity advocate for CBD.
  • Jill Carleton, an entrepreneur and registered nurse.

Nabeela Karim is a game-changer in the CBD industry. She set out to create a CBD brand that was more geared towards women and created Prima, a CBD-focused wellness brand. Prima is on many mission-minded journeys, such as eradicating the stigma around the healing benefits of hemp-based products.

Christopher Shade, Ph.D., is a leader in the nutraceutical world and founder of Quicksilver Scientific. His company is revolutionizing CBD delivery and absorption, allowing you to absorb as much as 90% of the CBD you take. His wealth of knowledge and research in the CBD industry have helped to set the standards and pave the way for more research and production of effective CBD skincare, healthcare, and wellness products.

Ricky Williams was a professional American Football player for 11 years and is now a celebrity CBD advocate. His retirement from the NFL came at a time when he began to experiment with cannabis-based medicines and treatments. He also started his own CBD-focused company, Real Wellness, and has been a leader in the professional athletic world in terms of advocating for CBD and its health benefits.

Jill Carleton is a registered nurse and entrepreneur. While her background is more medically grounded, she’s now a leading voice in the CBD industry as the founder of HEMP360, a company that provides CBD education and coaching to entrepreneurs looking to get in the CBD and hemp space. Her educational and consulting approach has been transformational for many entrepreneurs who want to get in the CBD game.

2. Learning from Leaders in the CBD Movement

There’s much to be gained by hearing from those who have already made a mark in the CBD movement. Learn from their stories, their successes, and their mistakes so you can help shape the industry in a positive way.

The leaders of this movement have been working to break down stereotypes and create space for better access to CBD products while increasing public understanding of their therapeutic capabilities. Look to them for inspiration on how to make a difference and stay up to date on the latest industry developments.

  • Follow blogs and podcasts to keep up with CBD news from those dedicated to furthering the cause.
  • Sign up for YouTube channels and other social media outlets to stay in touch with like-minded individuals.
  • Attend conferences, which are great sources of information and networking opportunities.

You can even directly reach out to experienced leaders and ask for advice. Knowing their accomplishments and struggles can show you what is possible and help you form a plan for getting involved in the CBD movement.

3. Breaking Down Barriers, Building Better Support Systems

People who grapple with mental health issues can often face various barriers when it comes to accessing the help and support they need. It’s vital to break down these barriers and create better support systems to ensure those dealing with mental health issues can take the initiatives that will lead to positive outcomes. Here’s how to do it.

Engage People With Relevant Professionals

One of the best ways to start breaking down barriers is to ensure people have access to professional care. Mental health professionals can provide the help they need to address their issues and lead a healthier life. Through engaging people with relevant professionals, they can be provided with the right treatments regardless of the person’s financial and geographical situation.

Provide Accessible Resources on Mental Health

Additionally, it’s important to ensure that resources related to mental health are made available and accessible for those dealing with these issues. By providing publicly available resources, those facing mental health-related problems can get the guidance they need from the privacy of their own homes. This includes:

  • Information brochures and pamphlets
  • Videos, podcasts and webinars
  • Online support services and helplines

Engage Communities to Promote Mental Health Awareness

Given the stigma still associated with mental health issues, it’s also critical to engage with communities to normalize mental health and support people facing issues. This includes actively sharing stories of those who have recovered from or are currently dealing with mental health issues. Additionally, it’s important to pass on tips and educate people about the importance of destigmatizing mental health issues.

4. Raving and Recommending: Making Waves in the CBD Community

The CBD community is growing steadily with no signs of slowing down any time soon. More customers are flocking to CBD products, both online and in-store, for a variety of reasons. With all this positive buzz, more and more people want to be a part of the community. Now, more than ever, the power of word-of-mouth is critical for helping the CBD movement continue to gain traction.

Many CBD users have taken it upon themselves to spread the good news of CBD products. Whether it’s through online forums, product reviews, blogging, or any other creative way they can think of, CBD enthusiasts are embracing the cause and helping create a ripple effect of positive awareness.

Those who rave about the amazing benefits of their favorite CBD products are the real unsung heroes of the movement. Their excitement not only helps draw others to the CBD bandwagon, but their reviews, recommendations, and stories also help enhance the overall credibility of the community. By telling real stories of how CBD has changed their lives, they’re standing up for something they truly believe in and letting others know that they’re making a difference.

Most importantly, these raving and recommending CBD enthusiasts are making waves in the community. From mental health to physical ailments, CBD users have taken to the Internet to share their stories. This type of positive reinforcement and open dialogue is what’s helping the community grow and become more accepted in the mainstream.

  • Raving and recommending has helped spread the good news about CBD.
  • CBD enthusiasts are embracing the cause and helping create a ripple effect of positive awareness.
  • These raving and recommending CBD enthusiasts are making waves in the community.

By showcasing the stories of these incredible CBD advocates, we hope that we have inspired others to join the CBD revolution and harness the power of this incredible plant. With its many potential applications, CBD is set to have a great impact on this generation and many more to come. Let’s continue to honor the CBD advocates who are inspiring us all to use CBD responsibly and ethically. Together, we can all make a difference.


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